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Appletree now offer facial aesthetics

Thu 01 June 2017

Now we have even more ways to make you smile!

Since we formed Appletree Dental Care ten years ago our patients have come to expect the very highest standards of care and we have always strived to surpass those expectations. The comfort and well being of our patients is paramount. We also realise that when it comes to dental work, many people are concerned with appearance as well as health and so we are delighted to offer a new service at Appletree Dental Care – Facial Aesthetics by Dr Jayne Vaughan.

Dr Jayne Vaughan has worked in England and Northern Ireland as a general practitioner since qualifying as a dentist in 1998, as well as at the out of hours clinic in Craigavon hospital where she treated pain patients.

Jayne has always been interested in the specialty of facial aesthetics and considers it complimentary to dentistry when improving overall appearance. After completing her foundation training in facial aesthetics, she then completed an advanced course to gain still more insight into the field. Jayne is also part of the highly respected ACE online group of aesthetic experts who provide advice and support.

Jayne’s philosophy of patient care and her calm, professional manner in explaining the options and procedures carefully, fits perfectly with the customer support our patients have always enjoyed at Appletree Dental Care.

As part of the Appletree team, Jayne will be offering Botox treatments, Azzalure® injections and fillers in the following areas:


Botox anti-wrinkle injections remove or reduce forehead and frown lines. They can remove crows’ feet around the eyes and improve the appearance of the area around the mouth.

Botox injections relax the vertical neck bands and greatly reduce square jaw.

Botox can also give the lips a fuller appearance as well as reduce or remove deep facial lines around the mouth and from the mouth to the nose. It also reduces the appearance of lipstick and smokers’ lines as well as helping cheeks appear more full.

Azzalure® botulinum toxin injections

Azzalure is a purified protein that is injected into certain muscles in the face. Its use softens facial expressions and helps reverse the signs of ageing. Its active ingredient is botulinum toxin type A. This is a naturally occurring protein that is extremely safe in its purified form. It has been widely used cosmetically for over 10 years and as treatment for certain medical conditions for more than 20 years.

Jayne uses Azzalure® injections to treat:

• Crows’ feet, forehead and frown lines

• Downturned mouth and poppy chin

• Lines between the nose and mouth

• Square jaw caused by tooth grinding and clenching

• Excess armpit sweating

Jayne also uses filler injections for lip or cheekbone enhancement, removal of deep facial lines, nose to mouth lines, mouth corner lines and fine facial lines like smokers’ and lipstick lines.

Most treatments commonly last between three and four months although they can last for up to six months. Jayne is fully dedicated to the care of her patients and to providing excellent after care. She’ll consult with each patient individually to ensure they get exceptional attention and care.  To find out more about facial aesthetics at Appletree Dental Care or to arrange a free consultation with Jayne contact us today.