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From the moment I walked through the doors of Appletree Dental and Implant surgery I was greeted with warmth and made to feel comfortable.

My consultation with Dr. Conor McEnhill was extremely informative, thorough and reassuring. He made me fully aware of what the procedures entailed for me to achieve my goal of having a full upper jaw of fixed teeth. His gentle and professional manner immediately put me at ease.

The care and extreme professionalism shown to me during these past few months have been top class. The whole team has been wonderful and genuinely caring.

I now have my new beautiful teeth. I could never have imagined that I could have teeth that look so natural. Thank you Conor for making this possible despite my slightly problematic jawbone. You have restored my confidence. My thanks also go to Michael ,the Dental Technician, whose skills are indeed paramount and lastly but not least to Kelly, Practice Manager and the friendly and caring team that attended to me during my treatments.

Thank you all.

(March 2016)

It was a very simple procedure - A moulding was taken of my teeth on the first appointment, and on the second appointment I got my retainer and tubes of teeth whitening, with simple instructions from the Appletree team. I used the whitening every night for the first week, now I only have to use it whenever is needed, and my teeth are refreshed and brightened within one use. I'm so happy with the results of teeth whitening that Appletree provided me with. I didn't think it was possible to get rid of my black tooth with such a simple procedure, and it only took about a week for the results to show! Thanks a million Appletree. Seanan Mc Nulty

In February 2011 I decided to get some dental work done. I had a smile tooth missing since I was a teenager and was always conscious when I smiled. I enquired in the south of Ireland and found it was expensive to have the work I needed done. I then rang Appletree Dental Care and I was happy with their price list, so I made an appointment.

When I had my consultation, Dentist Joanne Redpath explained to me the options available. I decided the best option for me was to have a bridge done. I was also informed that I needed two fillings and tooth whitening and it would take 5 sittings to complete the work. I was given an itinerary and breakdown of the price as to what would be done on each sitting. I found this very helpful as I knew in advance what I would be having done on every visit. During my visits with Joanne I never felt nervous, as like most people I am not to fond of the dentist, but any questions I had in relation to my work were explained in detail. I never felt uncomfortable or in any pain at any time. I was continually asked if I was okay throughout the process. I am employed as a bus inspector and meet so many people on a daily basis I now feel so much more confident when I smile. My only complaint is that I didn't get it done sooner. I had not been to a dentist for many years and would only ever go if I had no other option, but after my experience at Appletree I would have no hesitation in recommending it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joanne and all the staff at Appletree. Paul Bolger

I heard about appletree dental care through a sister in-law,and i'm really glad i did.I recently had some fillings, also two crowns and a veneer.So i'd like to take this time to thank all the staff from the receptionist who makes you feel very welcome right from the start,through to the hygienist and all the assistants who helped.And last but not least to Dr Katrina McKevitt a huge massive thank you for the excellent work she did on my teeth who i would highly reccomend to anybody who's thinking of having dental work done. Brian Lattimore, Dublin

I first consulted a dentist about four years ago with a condition called "canting". This means that my mouth was slightly crooked making the teeth on the right hand side appear longer than on the left. That dentist recommended that the bones in my gums be broken and re-set and that I should wear braces for two years. I felt this would be too extreme and I did not want to wear braces for two years. My mother, who has been a patient of Katrina's for many years and is very happy with all her treatments, recommended that I go and see her. She suggested I have three procedures done - the first was an apointment with the hygienist, the second was to whiten my teeth which would hide a lot of flaws and the third was to even them out. This involved filing down three teeth on the right hand side and lengthening two teeth on the left hand side with bonding. The third procedure took about thirty minutes. I was absolutely delighted with the result as she had managed to fix a problem in one visit that I had originally thought would be a very long and painful procedure. Amy O'Shaughnessy

Just a note to say a big THANK YOU for the great treatment I had today getting my wisdom teeth out. I was really nervous beforehand but the nurses were all lovely and put me at ease. The dentist was very friendly and explained everything well. The sedation was brilliant - I didn't notice most of what was happening and had absolutely no pain! I will be reccomending your surgery to anyone I know who needs any dental work done. Sian Barber, Dublin

I've been attending Appletree for over three years now, primarily for oral hygiene treatments carried out by hygienist Zara McKibben. The trip down from Dublin is now only 80 minutes door to door from South County Dublin thanks to the M1 and recently completed Newry by-pass.

I've never been a big fan of going to the dentist having had mixed experiences, some quite negative, in the past. However, since attending Appletree I can confidently say that all members of the practice put the patient's well-being and comfort at the top of their priorities. My experience with Zara has been superb - she takes the time to explain what she's going to do during a session, executes it with confidence and thoroughness, all the while being constantly aware of and checking my comfort levels. If I need a break at anytime during the procedure, to sit up or to have a rinse, I only have to raise my hand. It's down to Zara that my dental hygiene is now the way it should be and that regular trips to the dentist are no longer a thing of dread. I can unreservedly recommend Appletree to anyone who values technical skill with a patient-centric approach. Brendan Brohan Dublin

I would like to thank the Team at Appletree Dental Clinic for their warm welcome to me while attending for dental treatment. My whole experience was so pleasant and the results far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Dr Joanne Redpath, I am smiling again. Yours sincerely, Evelyn Condon

I would like to pass on my thanks to Joanne, Conor and all the team for the kindness and care they afforded to me during my treatment. It was greatly appreciated - from a very nervous patient! Deidre Cashin

Appletree Dental, Connor and all the staff Just to say thank you all for the work you have done for me, the welcome I was given, even though I am petrified of going into a dentist, let alone in the dreaded chair or getting work done and especially with limited time you had and the rushed 'jobs' to get everything done for me before I go back to Englad. All very much appreciated. Maxine Bray, England

We have had a lot of treatments over the last few months, including root canal, bridge work, veneers and whitening, and we are really happy with the results, in fact, we cant stop smiling!

From the moment we walked into the surgery, we were made to feel comfortable and at ease, which made the whole experience a positive one.

We were both very happy with the first class service and care we received, and would wholeheartedly recommend Appletree to all our friends. Peter and Susan Byrne Leixlip, Co Kildare

To Whom It May Concern I would like to share my experience of the staff and the work that was carried out by Appletree Dental Care in Newry, Co. Down.

Introduction: Prior to 2007, I experienced various problems with my gums which affected my teeth, and was aware that at some stage it was inevitable extraction was going to be the only solution. In 2007, I heard about Apple tree Dental Care, from a friend who was pleased with the treatment that they received and decided to have an assessment carried out.

Treatment: In March 2007,1 had a consultation with Dr. Katrina McKevitt - X-ray was taken and from the results, she was in a position to explain what work she thought should be carried out on my teeth. I mentioned to her that I was thinking of having implants if I ever had to extract all my teeth, Dr. McKevitt explained about implants but said Dr. Conor McEnhill was the person who carried out the implant procedures and should I decide to go down this road that he would fully explain everything to me beforehand, as he was the expert.

I decided to have my teeth extracted, it was really the only option as they were practically falling out - due to gum infection and decided to have implants in my lower gum. The implant procedure was explained fully to me by Dr. McEnhill, also the benefit of having 4 implants rather than 2 but that it was necessary to have a CT scan carried out in Daisy Hill prior to the procedure. This scan would enable Dr. McEnhill see where the nerves were situated in my lower jaw via tele communication, while he was carrying out the procedure.

I choose the option of the 4 implants, as this would make the lower denture more secure and am delighted I did. Every stage of the work was explained to me in full as it was been carried out, I was kept updated on my progress and was encouraged to ask questions if anything needed clarification.

When measuring for my new dentures, Dr. McEnhill took such detail, care and time it was amazing as I had never seen this carried out before. I knew immediately that the teeth would be perfect on completion. There was a time span of approximately 6 months from the time of the extractions and the final fitting of the dentures but this was essential, to allow for the healing process to take place, and to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the implants.

Dental Staff - Hospital: I found all the staff in Appletree Dental Care are experienced, friendly, and helpful and all the patients are made to feel so welcome. I actually looked forward to my visits, just to see their friendly staff. (Please forgive me for not mentioning all their names).

Staff in the hospital were also very nice. I must stress that at no time was I put under pressure to get any work done, it was my decision and mine alone to have the treatment carried out by Appletree Dental Care. This was an added bonus, to be able to take my time and decide what I wanted.

Conclusion: I am so glad that I discovered Appletree Dental Care and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. There were no adjustments necessary on my new dentures; they were perfect from day 1, which explains that the measurements etc taken by Dr. McEnhill were perfect.

Anyone reading this will assume that it is "Too Good to be True" as everything is positive - nothing negative. Yes there is one thing!! I am now putting on weight as I can eat everything.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff in Appletree Dental Care for the work they did for me and I am so pleased.

I would like to wish the practise and the staff the best of luck for the future and keep up the good work. Josephine Downes Maynooth

Many thanks for rejuvenating me via a britesmile session! I am delighted with the results. Quite few people have noticed something about me but have not been able to pinpoint what it is! Nuala Newry

Having just retired from playing Gaelic football, I decided it was time to fix my teeth, after the years of knocks that they had gone through. Having lost a tooth and worn a denture for a number of years I decided to go ahead with a tooth implant. I did some research as to what this would cost me in Dublin and found prices to be extremely high. I decided to look into dental costs in Northern Ireland and found that they were significantly lower than in the south.

I decided to look for a dentist in Northern Ireland and that's when I came across Appletree Dental Care in Newry. As I am living and working in Dublin, I found Newry very easy to get to as it just takes over 1 hour on the M1 Motorway. The practice itself is very modern and has a relaxing atmosphere. The waiting time was very small, from what I have experienced with other dentists and I was in and out in no time.

I also found Appletree to be very accommodating as when one of my teeth cracked while eating lunch one morning they took me straight in that evening for emergency treatment.

Overall I was very happy with the treatment that they provide and the saving that I have made. I would definitely recommend Appletree to anybody who is thinking of getting dental treatment. Ray Lenehan Dublin

Appletree was recommended to me by my sister.

Katrina has a great facility, relaxed waiting area, easy parking with patient friendly appointments system.

I found my treatment extremely professional with Katrina taking the time to explain each new procedure I had to have. I always felt comfortable, relaxed and would thoroughly recommend Appletree Dental Care. Kate Watters Newry

As a patient of Appletree Dental Care I find it very comforting and relaxing to go to the dentist. I have had lots of problems with my teeth from a young age and have visited more than my fair share of dentists. I found the staff to be really nice, easy to talk to and put my best interest number one priority. A couple of years ago I would have never been able to recommend a good and friendly dentist and now I am pleased that I can. My boyfriend and his family have also starting going to Appletree on my recommendation. One of the best reasons for going is its competitive rates and position in the centre of Newry. As I'm from Dublin it's a short drive up the M1 and after the dentist I even manage to squeeze in some shopping. An Appletree Dental Care appointment is something I now look forward to and I'm pretty sure not many people out there can say they look forward to a dental appointment. Karen Smyth Dublin

Replacing the crowns and bridge that had first been done twenty three years ago was a huge deal for me. When the time came for me to do it, I embarked on the project with some zeal and I contacted exactly twenty-one dentists, determined to get the one that would take my smile as seriously as I did.

I am an actress by profession, and my mouth is one of the tools of my trade, so it was of great importance to me that the dentist I chose would take care in my project. It was quite a task. With the best will in the world, twenty three years leaves a legacy, and although I had been relatively conscientious in my dental hygiene, time had receeded the gums from the metal crowns that were the best practice at the time and frankly, my mouth was a mess. Bear in mind that that twenty three years had included my twenties. A decade of experimentation and neglect.

I phoned the various dentists from the yellow pages and took meticulous notes. But in the end, there was only one candidate. Appletree Dental Care.

The reason I went with them (bear in mind this was purely from phone conversations) was the meticulous attention and care of Mairead, Katrina's first base with her customers. What stood out was her kind concern and deep knowledge. Before my first appointment I was fully informed about both procedure and price and felt great confidence and particularly great respect from them.

I knew that I was presenting with quite a job. I required a three unit bridge, three separate crowns and two veneers. In effect, a total re-smile. I had been 'pulling' my smile for years, conscious of the gum recession over dark coloured metal crown bases and a 'short' smile, whereby only the front teeth registered. I had also been avoiding dentists for years after many bad experiences and patronising and (I felt) arrogant dentists.

I live in Dublin, so the trips were, I thought, an expedition. However, it took me an hour and a half to make the trip and I am probably sounding like a ridiculous convert when I say that the trip was more than worth it.

Katrina is an immensely calm and encouraging person. I hope it will strike a chord with other dental patients when I say that at no point in the extensive work she did on my smile did she ever make me feel anything less than a colleague in my own make-over. If she spied anything in my mouth that was unpleasantly telling about my lifestyle she never mentioned it. She spoke only of what we could achieve and also spoke positively about how I had managed my dental hygiene.

Respect is the keyword in how my dental work was managed. Katrina has a flat screen tv on the ceiling which you can watch while you are being worked on, but I watched it little, as I had no desire to be separate from the experience of her dentistry.

Katrina had to remove the crowns and bridgework that were present in my mouth and replace them. This involves, frankly, stripping down the teeth to posts and replacing them with a smile cooked up by her and her technician. I can best say how that was, by telling you that I was operated on by her for three hours at two in the afternoon, and went on to drive to Dublin and perform in a play where I played four different characters, (none of whom can lisp or have a flabby lip) and it was no trouble.

I realise that my positive experience over five visits to Appletree make me sound like a sychophant, but bear in mind how YOU feel after a dentists visit, compare your experience with mine (A rational older human with no axe to grind) and then put the into the mix that Appletree is very reasonably priced, not even taking into account the service that you get, and draw your own conclusion.

For the record, the most common reaction to my new smile has been, 'You look fantastic ... Are you in love?" this I think, because I have been smiling like a Wallace and Gromit character for a while now.

Karen Ardiff Actress and Novelist

One day I decided that I would like to have my teeth whitened. I looked up the yellow pages and discovered the cosmetic practice of Appletree Dental Care in Newry. I then gave them a call to make an appointment for a consultation. I was very happy with the information that I received so I proceeded to make my one hour appointment for the whitening procedure. The practice offered a friendly and helpful service and the idea of one hour giving beautifully white teeth certainly appealed. I did experience a little sensitivity but I definitely would recommend Appletree Dental Care to anyone considering tooth whitening. A useful part of the procedure is the taking of before and after pictures which allow you to make a comparison of the change in tooth colour. The staff are so helpful, I must say it was money well spent. Michelle McPolin Newry