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Zara - Hygienist at AppleTree Dental
Common Problems
  • Do your gums bleed when brushing or flossing?
  • Do you have a bad taste in your mouth?
  • Do you think your breath is unpleasant?
  • Have your gums receded or teeth moved?
  • Are you gums puffy?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, our hygienist Zara can help you.

Gum Days

We recommend intensive ‘Gum Days’ to treat active gum disease. This consists of several long appointments on one day in order to ‘deep clean’ all quadrants of your mouth. This is recognised as the most modern and effective approach to treating active gum disease.

Local Anaesthetic

Zara will offer local anaesthetic when appropriate to ensure your comfort during the cleaning procedure.

A Healthy, Comfortable Smile for Life

At Appletree Dental Care, we aim to give you a healthy, comfortable smile for life. We will help you achieve excellent oral health and show you how to maintain this through a good oral hygiene routine at home and visits with our dental hygienist Zara.

Measurable Improvement

Zara will greet you with a warm welcome and begin by examining your gums. She will use this examination to determine the severity of any gum disease. Zara will take measurements around the gums to give an outline of treatment required and to compare with measurements after treatment.

Educating and Involving You

Zara will very much involve you in your own treatment, showing you where the problems areas are and showing you how to manage the plaque bacteria which can cause disease. Zara will fully explain the causes of the various gum diseases, how she will be treating it for you and how you can prevent further disease by regular visits and excellent oral hygiene. Your mouth will feel great after an Appletree clean!

Testimonials for Zara's work ....

‘With a history of gum disease and following several years of fairly intensive procedures I was introduced to Zara for regular dental hygiene treatments. Due to some prior bad experiences I was an extremely nervous dental patient. However on my first consultation with Zara she put me totally at ease and restored my confidence. With her calm, professional and compassionate approach she took charge and delivered excellent results. During treatments Zara continued to explain the process, always checking my comfort levels, so putting me at ease and restoring my confidence. She quickly identified the amount of treatment I could tolerate in any one session and yet again transformed my entire experience. Zara is a superb communicator a consummate professional on all levels’ - Lorraine Hollywood

‘Zara is a wonderful hygienist. She has looked after my teeth, one in particular, extremely well. If she hadn't dealt with the one pocket in particular, I am convinced that I would have lost that tooth by now. When I was at the Dental Hospital they were very impressed by the care which I had received. She is also very kind to this highly strung and nervy patient which makes my visits a bit easier. A thorough professional and a kind and sensitive person also.’ - Áine Kearney