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Why Implants?

Why Implants?

An implant can look, feel and perform just like a natural tooth. Implants can also be used to support a bridge or denture. A small titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone. Once the bone attaches firmly to the implant (osseointegration) a replacement tooth is secured to
the top of the implant. Our in-house Oral Surgeon,
Dr McEnhill, is highly qualified and experienced in oral surgery. He is a Fellow of the Edinburgh Royal College
of Surgeons Dental Faculty. Both Dr McEnhill and
Dr McKevitt are members of the Association of
Dental Implantology.

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Dental implants are an effective, safe and predictable solution to the problems resulting from missing teeth.
Many patients report exciting benefits from dental
implants, such as:

  • Replacement teeth look, feel and function like
    natural teeth
  • Improved taste and appetite
  • Improved cosmetic appearance
  • The ability to chew without pain or gum irritation
  • Improved quality of life

One additional and very important benefit can be the reduction or elimination of bone atrophy or shrinkage, commonly associated with loss of teeth.

Q & A

Will I be able to eat what I like afterwards?

Once completed, patients should be able to eat a normal, healthy diet with little or no difficulty.

What costs are involved in implant treatment?

The cost can vary, depending on the degree and extent of treatment needed.The full cost is therefore explained and subsequently confirmed in a written treatment plan.

How long will it all take?

A range of techniques is available. Usually implant treatment requires a number of appointments over a period of several months. In some cases, implant work can be undertaken and completed in a much shorter period.

How long will the implants last?

Once treatment is completed, a routine of careful dental hygiene and regular check-ups should ensure that implants last for many years.

Am I too old for implant treatment?

There is no upper age limit for patients to undergo implant treatment, provided they continue to enjoy reasonable good health.

Is the treatment painful?

Patients are often surprised at how little discomfort they experience during and after implant procedures.

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