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We pride ourselves on the standard of professional care you receive, carried out in a state-of-the-art clinical setting. Our testimonial page should leave you in no doubt that our staff go the extra mile to make sure your experience here is comfortable and pleasant. We have grown by word of mouth since 2006 and new referrals are always most welcome.


We would encourage any patients considering dental treatment to contact Caroline at the number below for more itemised costs and treatment information. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Telephone: (028) 3025 2228 (NI) 048 3025 2228 (ROI) +44 28 3025 2228 (Int.)

Guideline Prices  
Examination and consultation £40.00
New patient extended consultation £60.00
Implant Assessment & Consultation  £80.00
Panoral x-ray ( large radiograph) £25.00
Intra-oral x-ray ( small radiograph) £7.50
White Composite Fillings from £95.00
Advanced Referral Root Canal Services with Dr Brian Vaughan  
Consultation £75.00
Root Canal Treatments  
Incisor (including core) £500.00
Premolar (including core) £575.00
Molar (including core) £650.00
Re-Treatment cases   Additional £150
Core £100.00
Removal of fractured file or post £150.00
MTA £90.00
Review No charge
Procelain bonded crown PBC £450.00
Zirconia PFZ £450.00
E-Max Crown £450.00
Veneers £450.00
Bridgework from £450.00 per unit
Moveable bridge joint £45.00
Post and core £100.00
Tooth Whitening  
Home Zoom Whitening System  £220.00
Philips Zoom  1 Hour Whitening ( including trays)   £449.00
Replacement Zoom Gels  £15.00 per syringe
Replacement trays £60.00
Full standard denture from £400.00
Partial denture from £250.00
Flexible denture £550.00
Cobalt chrome denture from £700.00
Immediate Denture  from £150
Biteguard  £150.00
Implant from £1995.00
Implant retained over denture -2 implants    from £4250.00
Implant retained over denture -4 implants    from £7500.00
Bone Grafting-BioOss from £450.00
Bone Grafting - Autograft from £1500.00
Apicetomy from £250.00
Sedation from £185.00
Teeth in a Day £15,000 per jaw
Scale and polish and Oral hygiene Advice (40 minutes) 


1 Hour Hygiene Session £150.00
Intensive treatment of periodontal disease- Gum Day £250.00 
(Sedation available upon request for gum day)  
Extraction from £150.00
Upper Wisdom Tooth £120.00- £200.00
Lower Wisdom Tooth £200.00

Payment can be made using Euros using the daily bank rate.

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