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Nervous Patients & Sedation

Anxiety about going to the dentist is common even for routine treatment, and we encourage you to communicate openly about anxiety and become familiar with what treatment to expect and options that are available.

At Appletree Dental Care we carry out treatment in a relaxed and unhurried environment. This alone is enough to allay the fears of many. For those who require anxiety relief we offer intra-venous sedation. The process is often referred to as conscious sedation and produces a very relaxed state with only minimal memory of the procedure afterwards. The extra cooperation that sedation produces means that much more dentistry can be carried out in a given appointment and reduces the total number of appointments that the nervous individual requires.

It is also a very useful technique for patients who are not particularly nervous but face a long or difficult procedure. Any surgical procedure such as wisdom tooth removal will be more comfortable for a patient who has had a dental sedative. This is especially true for people who have had minimal operative dental experience yet all of a sudden find that they need such an operation. With minimal or, frequently, no memory this is a considerable advantage over just a local anaesthetic.

We are fully trained in sedation and thoroughly assess the sedation patient medically. Full blood pressure monitoring is carried out before, during and after the treatment. We fully monitor the patient's blood oxygen and pulse during the procedure and as soon as a good recovery has been made (usually within an hour) the individual can be discharged into the care of their escort.