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Facial Aesthetics

Anti-wrinkle injections have seen a significant increase in popularity over the past twenty years. They are most commonly used for the treatment of deep facial lines, particularly in the forehead, eye and mouth areas. 

Q & A

What treatments do you offer?

We offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments, all administered by our fully qualified clinician. These include:

Azzalure® botulinum toxin injections
Azzalure is a purified protein with active ingredient botulinum toxin type A which is used to relax facial lines to help reverse the signs of ageing. This naturally occurring protein is extremely safe in its purified form and has been widely used cosmetically for over 10 years.

Azzalure® injections are used to treat:

• Crows’ feet, forehead and frown lines

• Downturned mouth and poppy chin

• Lines between the nose and mouth

• Square jaw caused by tooth grinding and clenching

• Excess armpit sweating

We also offer filler injections for lip or cheekbone enhancement, removal of deep facial lines, nose to mouth lines, mouth corner lines and fine facial lines like smokers’ and lipstick lines.

When Will I Start To Notice Results?

You will notice a different within a few days of receiving the treatment.

How Long Do The Treatments Last?

Most treatments commonly last between three and four months although they can last for up to six months. 

How Do I Book A Consultation?

To find out more about facial aesthetics at Appletree Dental Care or to arrange a free consultation contact us today.